Change the Culture

It’s time to change the culture of content theft.
The use of pirate devices to steal content
is not only wrong – it’s also putting
Canadians at risk.


customers who use piracy
devices in their home say they
had a malware problem

Allarco Entertainment 2008 Inc., parent company of Canadian pay-television provider Super Channel, has stepped to the forefront in the war against content piracy by launching a lawsuit against four major Canadian retailers complicit in the promotion of the downloading and streaming of illegal content on internet streaming devices (“Pirate Devices”) sold to customers in their stores.

The company has also filed an injunction seeking an order to have four Canadian retailers immediately stop selling set-top boxes that are designed to illegally pirate television programming.

These boxes are really digital-theft devices, and they’re also putting users at risk of serious data and privacy breaches. It’s time to Change the Culture.